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I love having meals at Maggie’s, not only because it’s just across the road from my office, but because they provide great freshly-prepared food, friendly and efficient service, and it’s easy on the wallet too.


Tucked in a corner of Liang Seah Street, Maggie’s Thai Chinese Restaurant is a hit among locals and westerners alike. And it’s not really a restaurant – think of it as more of a typical Chinese Zhi Char stall, but with the addition of Chinese-influenced standard Thai fare like Pineapple Rice, Tom Yam Soup and Green and Red Curries.


The interiors (childish paintings of sea creatures) might be a bit too cheesy for anyone’s liking, but people don’t come here to gaze in awe at interior deco – they come here for a quick, satisfying bite, something to look forward to before lunch, and heave a great fulfilled sigh after.


The staff at Maggie’s are mostly mainland Chinese, but they can understand a fair bit of English too, so language barriers are not a problem here. At the very most, you can just point at the menus, which have both pictures and text to aid your ordering. They’re all very friendly and efficient, and never fail to make you feel welcomed. I have dined at Maggie’s a couple of times, and not once have they messed up the orders.


The menu consists of a wide range of Zhi Char, or stir-fried dishes, like vegetables, beancurds, meats and claypot items. These dishes are good for sharing if you’ve got a big group at the table, but if you’re alone, dig into any of their different rice and noodle dishes, like Beef Hor Fun, Sweet and Sour Chicken Rice, and Black Pepper Chicken Rice ($4 - $5). They also have healthier choices like Seafood Bee Hoon Soup ($4).


My boss is madly in love with their Sweet and Sour Chicken Rice ($5.00) -She has it at least once every week. Big cubes of chicken are coated in flour, deep fried, then stir-fried with a sweet and sour sauce, made from ketchup, chilli sauce and other condiments. Plated with a bowl of white rice, this is my meal of choice after a bad work day. It tastes good even when it’s been placed in a takeaway box and left to stand for a while!


This evening, we ordered a small serving of Butter Squid($8). The portion was too much for two people to devour, but we did anyway because it was just so good. Imagine Cereal Prawns, coated in magical eggy batter, and deep fried until golden with curry leaves and chilli padi. Now replace the thought of prawns with shrimp. Doesn’t that subliminal thought make you salivate?


Under the influence of my boss, I ordered their Sweet and Sour Chicken Rice (ooh what consistent quality.) while my partner ordered Pineapple Rice ($4).


At Maggie’s, pineapple rice is served just the way I love it - Generously topped off with pork floss, chunks of pineapple, and innumerable amounts of shrimp. The portion is large enough for two people, unless you’re really big rice eaters. And believe me when I say this: Maggie’s is where people become rice converts. Everything on the menu goes so well with rice, especially their Green and Red Thai Curries ($12 onwards for a small serving).


Also good is their Cuttlefish Kangkong ($5) and other stir-fried vegetables. They have a knack for cooking the vegetables until just right – not limp, and delightfully crunchy.


Be sure to visit this little-known gem – I’m positive you won’t regret it.



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Maggie's Thai Chinese Restaurant

  • Chinese Cuisine
  • No. 1 Liang Seah Street #01-01/02, Liang Seah Street S(189022)
  • Tel: 68370129
  • Opens: Mon - Sun 11.30am - 10.45pm
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