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Taste of Mexico in town!

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Having Tex-Mex food for a change was truly a great dining pleasure at Holland Village with my two best friends. Read on.


A happy sign of their symbolic cactus welcomed us with bright light and we were slowly ushered in by the waiter. The ambience is so cosy and warm inside the restaurant and truly, the owners have taken the effort to decorate the place. The traditional handicrafts imported from its native land created a dining space that is definitive of Mexico.


We were served 2 baskets of tortilla chips with a bowl of salsa made with tangy freshed tomato bits. The sweet sourish taste complemented perfectly the chips as a dipping sauce. The three of us finished the chips and the waitress serving our table refilled it together with the sauce. It's simply heartening to know that it is free flow! Not only that, they also offer a free refill of soft drinks!


Perhaps this can be a strategy to attract more diners especially if it facing a competitive business with the mexican restaurant 2 doors down the road.


We were recommended to take the Combo set ($16.50) where we can choose any two meals from the menu. How worth it can that be! In additional, we settled for the chicken fajita ($20.50).


From the combo set, the Smoked Chicken Enchiladas had chunks of chicken in a creamy cilantro sauce with cheese. Well, this is really addictive as promised in the menu! The chicken was flavorful and interestingly, cilantro which is chinese parsley had a good combination with cheese.


The other half was the Turkey Burrito which is a flour tortilla wrapped with oven roasted turkey breast with onions, Mexican rice and cheese. The accompanying  guacamole tasted rich with avocado though I am not a fan of this vegetable laden with good fats for health.


It's really good value for money as the portions are big and they are generous with their lettuces as well.


The chicken fajita was served with 3 separate flour tortilla and piping hot chicken fillings that you do-it-yourself according to the amount of filling that you desire. My friends and I had a great time making our own fajita over dinner! No wonder it is a chef recommendation and a favourite of foodies.


For dessert, we tried the Apple Empanadas ($7.50). It is a deep fried tortilla with apple fillings served with icing sugar and honey. It came piping hot served with two scoops of vanilla ice cream which all us went silent for a moment enjoying the melting moments of indulgence. The filling has the flavor of cinnamon and simply delicious!


I would come back here ago for more authentic tex-mex food simply because it is not easy to find tasty food at reasonable prices in town! Perhaps a basket of those tortilla chips? Am sure the friendly service staff will continue maintain their smile.


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EL Patio Mexican Restaurant

  • Mexican Cuisine
  • 34, Lorong Mambong Holland Village S(277691)
  • Tel: 64681520
  • Opens: Mon-Fri 6pm-11pm Sat-Sun 11am-11pm
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