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Yong Kang Street in Taipei may be a rustic and unfamiliar street, but it is very famous for two eateries: Ding Tai Feng and Ice Monster. One has already come and conquered. So you can imagine my initial thrill when I found out that Ice Monster has set up franchises in Singapore.


The Taiwanese are well-known for their quality snow ice desserts, other than fried chicken and mee sua. And really, Ice Monster is known to be THE best there.  As what the founder Mr Luo said, “We know other copy our product, however we have no fear from their competition”.


Suffering from Taiwanese-food-withdrawal symptoms, I dragged my friend along to Plaza Sing basement to relief the memories of wondrous Taipei.


The best sellers include the Fresh Strawberry Shave Ice, Fresh Fruit Mix, and Fresh Mango Shave Ice with Sherbet and Milk. The price range from $4.50 for a small serving to $8.50 for the regular sized ones. The Mango Ice would cost about NT$130 ($5.80) for a jumbo size over at Yong Kang.


The fruits taste fresh and sweet, plus the sherbet gave the dessert a sour-sweet creamy touch. The ice felt a lot coarser here, and not what I would describe as ‘snow’. Overall, the shave ice felt like an upgraded version of an ice kachang, though I am not sure if the taste utility warrants the much higher cost.


Hot meals are also sold: Taiwan Braised Beef Noodles ($9.00), Jar Jiang Dry Noodle ($6.00), Fried Dumplings ($4.50 for 5!) and Fresh Mango Meat Floss Egg Crepe ($4.50). It’s pretty average stuff, and going hot is clearly not their forte.

Service staff asked for payment right after the food arrived, which is kind of strange. They could never compare to the Taiwanese counterparts in terms of friendliness. The overall experience just made me miss Taipei a lot more.


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