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There was really no reason for me to be in Central this midday, but I had to cure my hunger! Instead of heading down to the Central Market in basement 1... I finally ate something from Waruku since their existence.


Having a little budget helps, but the choices available for Set Lunch A were too many to begin with. It's just a simple pasta with FREE soft drink at S$8.90 (excl taxes etc) and starving people could up size their spaghetti for additional S$2.


 Perkish diners like me could add on portion B - a variety of 20cm pizzas for a mere S$3 more! And this portion comes with a Soup of the Day which happened to be Japanese-style Corn Soup.


Serious diners may also throw in a selected appertizer for S$3 more as well.


My carbonara came as I was just finishing my soup. The Corn Soup was delightful and had bits of crunch kernels! Thumbs up!!! Carbonara was fanciful with the raw yolk on top and I carefully drove my fork into the bowl of ang-moh mee...


 It was nothing authentic or near-close  of a western pasta dish at all and I was kind of disappointed. This could be due to Waruku offers fusion dining I suppose. Comin up to the taste test is a Waruku-ish pizza... thin and flat, nothing alike an original.


Not dismayed with the pizza cuz it's fusion, remember! It was a nice touch to serve it cut. And the absence of mozzerella chesse lifted off the usual je-lat-ness of eating a pizza.


Waruku seemed a little understaffed this afternoon I was there, and the lack of their speedy service could be rectified to enhance anyone's dining experience. I shall not touch on the subject of hygene and you may gauge when you visit this same outlet anytime soon  : )